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PIN 365: Powering Ideas and Networking - The name implies the underlying mantra of today’s industry success that is integrally tied to the future.

PIN 365 realises that the market and its requirements are changing at a dynamic pace. We strive to keep pace with it, and also help our customers to meet this challenge
We are in the communication business – a multi-dimensional media house. Our activities cover:
- Print
- Videos
- Events
- Digital

Tyre Trends: A bi-monthly magazine dedicated to global tyre industry, covering current and future developments in the sector - which is a vital part of the mobility industry.
The tagline ‘Treading New Terrains’ says it all. The coverage includes all aspects of tyre manufacturing, market trends, R&D breakthroughs, product design, automation, development and use of innovative raw materials, tyre testing, international trade, dealer network, sustainability and also tyre retreading.

Motoring Trends: The bi-monthly magazine focuses on the entire spectrum of the automotive industry in India and around the world. As per its tagline: ‘Powering The Mobility Eco-system,’ it covers the entire mobility eco-system by giving an in-depth information on the current trends and the future trends of the automotive industry in different sections such as Top Moves, Two Wheelers, Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Components, Aftermarket, Cover Story, Technology, Research & Development, Off Road and Around the World etc.

Corporate events
One-to-one video interviews with industry leaders and experts
Product launches
Product reviews

International conferences on global tyre and automotive related themes

Media portals and online industry/market reports

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