Apr 05, 2020

Robust, Smart Charging Network Needed To Boost EV Proliferation

By Sharad Matade

FortumOyj, a Finnish state-owned energy company, has entered India to establish charging stations for electric vehicles. It has set up over 60 DC charging points and India’s first public network of 50 kW DC chargers at the dealerships of MG Motors. In an interview with this publication, Awadhesh Jha, Vice President, Charge and Drive and Sustainability, Fortum India Pvt Ltd, said, “India needs a different charging setup from that in Europe owing to the vehicle composition in the country. Start-ups will play a bigger role in the EV space, and public charging will be the dominant mode in India unlike in Europe where home charging is more convenient. Creating a robust and smart charging network should be the focus of the government.” In this interview, Jha speaks about the growth potential of EVs and the possible challenges ahead.

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