May 06, 2020


Tyre Safety Zone set up by Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) to create awareness amongst visitors of Auto Expo emerged as a big draw.  Set up on the theme “Play your PART, Be Tyre Smart,” the tyre safety zone engaged audience in gripping games woven around the theme of tyre safety.

PART is an acronym for Pressure, Alignment, Repair & Rotation and Tread. Sensitising motorists on these five points is central to all tyre safety drives, states ATMA. Indian Tyre Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC) the technical wing of ATMA has been driving the initiative.

“ATMA has been spreading tyre safety for quite some time through tyre clinics and direct interface with motorists.  This time, we integrated the concept of tyre safety with few entertaining games and animated quizzes so as to spread the message in an entertaining format especially relevant for the youth,” said VK Misra, Chairman, ITTAC.

There was a basketball game with tyre acting as a ring and five balls each named after Pressure, Alignment, Repair, Rotation and Tread. One was expected to put all the balls in the ring as a pledge to take care of these five vital aspects. Similarly, customised Carom Board and Dice games were geared towards registering five aspects towards tyre safety.

An interesting animated tyre quiz aimed at checking the knowledge about tyres has emerged as a major vehicle for spreading awareness about tyre safety at Auto Expo. Winners of the quiz and games were being presented with attractive prizes leading to further word of mouth visibility.

“The added advantage for creating awareness at Auto Expo is the fact that visitors are mentally receptive to learn more about cars, new automotive concepts and technologies. Tyre safety fits naturally in that mind space,” said Rajiv Budhraja, Director General, ATMA.

ATMA has been mandated by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) for creating awareness on tyres to serve the larger purpose of road safety in India. In collaboration with MoRTH, ATMA has developed posters to spread awareness on the hazards of worn out tyres and the need to check Tread Wear Indicators (TWI). TWI are present in tyres as a visual indicator of the degree of tyre tread wear. 

Usage of worn out tyres on Indian highways has emerged as a safety hazard. TWI is an easy to understand feature designed to help motorists replace tyres well within time and pre-empt accidents.

Worn out tyres require longer distance to stop which could lead to accidents.

ATMA is joining hands with other stakeholders. As a first step, Honda Cars India has placed large posters creating awareness on TWI at their corporate office and manufacturing unit at Greater Noida for the benefit of all the employees.

ATMA members which have been participating in Tyre Safety campaigns include Apollo Tyres, Birla Tyres, Bridgestone India, CEAT, Continental India, Goodyear India, JK Tyre & Industries, Michelin, MRF, TVS Tyres and Yokohama.

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