By TT News| Jan 13, 2021

24H Series Powered By Hankook Tire To Start 2021 Season At Dubai

24H SERIES powered by Hankook Tire will begin its 2021 season in Dubai from January 14 to 16. Hankook Tires has been the official title sponsor of one of the world’s largest endurance racing events since 2015, exclusively supplying racing tyres for all the participating cars.

The series will have supercars like Porsche 991, Lamborghini Huracan and Mercedes-AMG GT4 running on Hankook Tires on advanced circuits for 24 hours without any stops. The first race of the season will be held at the 5.39km Dubai Autodrome.

Tyres play a key role in endurance races such as these, especially in extreme conditions where highest standard of durability and grip is required. Hankook Tires provides with the quality and technology to meet the cornering and braking demands of world class racing and motorsport events.

The 2021 season will take place in eight rounds in seven countries including Italy, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the United States starting with the Dubai race. A separate GT-division and TCE-division will continue alongside the main series.

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