By MT Bureau| Mar 04, 2021

ACMA Urges Haryana State Government to Reassess Employment of Local Candidates Bill

Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) has requested the Haryana State Government to review employment reservation for the locals in the region. The State Governor has approved the “Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Bill” that mandates 75 percent reservation for locals in all blue-collar jobs in the private sector.

Highlighting the need to reconsider such provision, Deepak Jain, President ACMA, said, “The Indian auto and auto component industry is a global one; our production not only caters to the domestic demand, but also to international markets. The Indian component industry today exports more than 25 percent of its production, with US and Europe being our leading markets. Our industry requires skilled workforce to produce high quality products that are globally competitive. Hiring in our sector is done on the basis of merit and talent rather than the domicile of the candidates the reason for the industry employing candidates from outside the state is due to shortage of adequately skilled, locally available manpower”.

He stressed that this move would make it difficult to do business and push companies away from the state.

“The automotive industry with investments of over INR 40,000 crore, accounts for more than 25% of the states GDP and creates employment exceeding 10 lakhs. The industry is keen that the state remain active for fresh investments, as in the Cup last couple of years, automotive investments have been largely destined to other states”, added Jain. (MT)

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