By TT News| Apr 27, 2021

Air Premia Selects Michelin As The Tyre Supplier

South Korea’s Air Premia has announced that its fleet will be equipped with Michelin tyres. By 2024, the airline plans to house a fleet of ten Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft equipped with Michelin’s Air X tyres featuring patented Near Zero Growth (NGZ) technology.

Michelin developed the NGZ technology during the Concorde era to meet the stringent safety norms of the supersonic jet. NGZ technology helps in minimising tyre growth due to centrifugal force at high speeds and makes the tyres more durable and resistant to foreign object damage.

Compared to standard radial tyres, Michelin Air X tyre with NGZ technology offers 30 percent higher landings, improved fuel efficiency, and exceptional damage resistance.

WiratTansuwannond, Sales & Marketing Director, Michelin (Asia Pacific), said, “We are extremely honoured that Air Premia has chosen Michelin as its trusted partner to equip its entire Boeing 787-9 fleet. The MICHELIN AIR X is particularly well suited to new-generation aircraft. It guarantees a very high level of safety in extreme conditions, a large number of landings and major fuel savings, which is helping to make the world more sustainable.” (TT)

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