By MT Bureau| Oct 29, 2020

Altair Opens Material Data Centre

Altair has announced the launch of the Altair Material Data Centre, a modern, comprehensive, and high-fidelity material database for simulation. The centre includes accurate data and data lineage for metals, plastics, and composites, and directly connects with the company’s and other major solvers.

One of the most important decisions in product development is the selection of materials for production. The company has been investing significantly in the area of material modelling for several years and recently acquired M-Base, a leading international supplier of material database and material information systems with a focus on plastics.

The launch of the Altair Material Data Centre, now combined with M-Base’s plastic material database, allows the company to provide the critical comprehensive material information and infrastructure needed to predict and optimise product performance through simulation. It enables designers, engineers, and scientists to explore materials – including structural, fatigue, fluid/thermal, electromagnetic properties, as well as manufacturing process specific data – in a standalone application or through the interface of Altair simulation and optimization tools.

The Altair Material Data Centre offers comprehensive material information management system – access to materials data for metals, polymers, and composites, including data sheets, raw data, and solver cards with full traceability back to the supplier source, ensuring valid assumptions and consistency across teams. Customers can seamlessly access the Altair Material Data Centre as a SaaS solution hosted by Altair or privately to manage proprietary information within the solution. It has a simple web-based interface to intuitively browse, search, view, and compare material data.  Through an open API, the Altair Material Data Centre can integrate with any desktop/solver for non-disruptive workflow. Strong relationships with material manufacturers ensure accurate, high-quality, and up-to-date material information. In addition, material experts can collaborate on the material curation process before it is published in the Altair Material Data Centre for enterprise-wide domain specific access. (MT)

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