By MT Bureau| Oct 12, 2021

Anglian Omega Group Launches Easy Finance Subsidiary

Anglian Omega Group has launched a new subsidiary, Anglian Finvest, to provide finance schemes to customers of Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM). 

The subsidiary, which has already dispersed loans worth INR 100 million, will enable customers across India to avail financial flexibility for their desired OSM vehicle purchases. 

Uday Narang, Chairman, Anglian Omega Group, said, “Anglian Finvest is India’s first and only electric vehicle financing company. Lack of Institutions providing electric vehicles financing makes the process frustrating and tiresome for the customer; hence, we thought of launching Anglian Finvest. The company will enhance the customer experience and journey while financing OSM vehicles.  For the initial phase, we are only financing Omega Seiki Mobility vehicles, but in the long term, we plan to offer loans to other electric vehicle companies.”

“Anglian Omega group would be investing INR 2.5 billion in the coming three years, to help bolster this EV revolution. Providing easy financing options is sure to attract customers. Following our ideology of not waiting for solutions but creating them, we are set to get the electric revolution out there by increasing customer trust in electric vehicles,” he added.(MT)


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