By TT News| Oct 25, 2021

ANRPC Expects Lower NR Production Growth In 2021

The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) has released the natural rubber trends, September 2021. 

The member countries have made some downward adjustments and expect world demand to grow by 8.9 percent to 14.116 million tonnes in 2021, while world production growth will be lower at 1.4 percent, amounting to 13.787 million tonnes. The physical and future markets for natural rubber have been bearish in September 2021 as compared to the previous month even though there has been a positive market fundamental in the natural rubber market.

The average Free-On-Board (FOB) price in the block rubber market in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur has been reduced by 5 percent. The price deviation between RSS-3 in Bangkok and RSS-4 in Kottayam has reduced from USD 0.60 to USD 0.52 per kg towards the end of the month and posted a lower average price for both markets during the same period. (TT)

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