By TT News| Oct 12, 2021

ARDL Mixing And Compounding Department Now At Barberton

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory (ARDL) has announced the transition of its mixing and compounding department from its former location in Kenmore Boulevard to the ARDL’s Barberton Campus.

The move took place over the course of a month to limit the disruption to current testing.

In addition to the move, the department has also expanded its extrusion capabilities with the addition of a Davis Standard® 2-inch extruder line including LCM curing, microwave curing and hot air curing equipment.

The ARDL mixing and compounding department caters to many processes and testing services including rubber calendering, compound and process development, mixing, compounding, curing, moulding, processability testing, Mooney Viscosity, Mooney Scorch, Rheometer testing and troubleshooting.  All the equipment including the Instrumented Banbury® Lab Mixer, two MonTech MDR and ODR Rheometers, MonTech Mooney Viscometer, a 4-roll inverted-L laboratory calender capable of skim coating fabric and calendering rubber or plastic sheets, multiple compression moulding presses, transfer moulding press, hand press, curing ovens, freezers, steam cure autoclaves, rubber cutter and chemical inventory have been installed and calibrated at the new location. (TT)


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