By MT Bureau| May 04, 2021

Bajaj Group Pledges Additional Support Of Rs 200 Crore For Fight Against Covid-19

Bajaj Group has announced an additional financial support of Rs 200 crore towards Covid-19 response. The group hopes to help alleviate the immediate on-ground challenges as well as to build capability and resources to tackle a possible third wave through its contribution.

Apart from this, the group has aided in the procurement of 12 oxygen plants to provide more than 5,000 LPM of oxygen supply to rural and urban hospitals, along with respiratory support equipment like oxygen concentrators, ventilators and BiPaps to help augment their capacity in treating Covid-19 patients.

Last year, a sum of Rs 100 crore was donated by the Bajaj Group to support the fight against Covid-19 in India. In addition, the company is also working with the government, local administration and its network of over 200 NGO partners to provide services such as immediate food relief to stranded migrants, upgradation of urban and rural healthcare facilities, provision of key healthcare devices and livelihood support for returned migrants. (MT)

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