Battery Versus Hydrogen
By Bhushan Mhapralkar| Sep 24, 2021

Battery Versus Hydrogen

While Germany's biggest automaker is going all out for battery electric vehicles, others are pursuing hydrogen as a fuel.

Leading to spirited debates among automotive experts, executives and enthusiasts about which fuel will chart the future course of the industry, attention is also being paid to the emergence of hydrogen policies in Europe and China. With Volkswagen churning out thousands and thousands of EVs, whereas BMW pursuing hydrogen technology, an interesting comparison between pure battery versus hydrogen technology is being made. Fueling the same is the fact that BMW has developed a hydrogen prototype car based on its X5 SUV. The project is funded in part by the German Government.

With the Bavarian automaker chalking plans to build a test fleet of no less than 100 cars in 2022, the battery versus hydrogen debate is expected to take a political turn depending on which is available earlier than later, and which is costlier or less costlier on the environment. The positive part of it all could be a breakthrough in terms of environmental protection without sacrificing the practicality of employing an automobile for the task it has come to be best known for, i.e. to present mobility.

The battle between battery versus hydrogen is also claimed to have to do with how Europe could do better in electrical technology compared to the work being carried out on the other side of the Atlantic, and how some of the early mover advantage gained by China could be tackled in terms of securing a robust supply chain. Efforts are also on to explore ways to decide if pure battery or hydrogen technology would be better suited for use in automobiles through motorsports as well. 

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