By Sharad Matade| Sep 14, 2021

Birla Carbon Enters Energy Systems Market

Birla Carbon, one of the leading carbon black manufacturers globally, will enter the Energy Systems market with the launch of a portfolio of conductive carbon solutions with its Conductex i and Conductex e series of products at The Battery Show 202, which is being held in Novi, Michigan from September 14-16, 2021

The company will also showcase its forthcoming array of carbon solutions for the battery industry at the show. 

Birla Carbon’s new portfolio of conductive carbons is designed for the lithium ion and lead acid battery markets enabling customization in formulation and performance in a variety of segments, including automotive, telecoms, motive power, energy storage systems, and e-bikes. These products leverage Birla Carbon’s unique Ultra process to ensure the highest levels of purity and conductivity, enabling increased charge acceptance, particularly under partial state-of-charge operation.

As auto manufacturers strive to meet more stringent CO2 emission requirements, the demand for higher performance lead acid batteries is growing, particularly for start-stop or micro-hybrid vehicles. These high-performance batteries can unlock 5-15 percent energy savings enabled by highly engineered conductive carbon additives such as Conductex e carbon black.

Sharing his thoughts on entering a new market, John Davidson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Birla Carbon, said, “Birla Carbon’s focus on the customer and understanding their evolving needs has led to the development of a new offering for the battery market. The development of the portfolio of conductive carbons tailored specifically for the battery market demonstrates the commitment to the growth of Birla Carbon in the rapidly expanding energy storage arena.” He further added, “This is the first example of many high-performance products in our pipeline. It is an exciting time for our customers and for Birla Carbon, as we continue this journey together towards cleaner energy.”

Dr Ann Schoeb, Chief R&D Officer and Business Head, Energy Systems, Birla Carbon, says, “As we deepen our focus on innovation and an innovation-driven culture, Birla Carbon has achieved remarkable success in enhancing the contribution of carbons to advanced battery applications.” Dr Schoeb further adds, “The Conductex e product portfolio demonstrates Birla Carbon’s commitment to the energy storage market and is the first of many new developments that are being launched into the battery application segment.”



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