By MT Bureau| Jul 24, 2021

Boys and Machines Introduces Dedicated Service Centre For Pre-owned High-end Cars

Boys and Machines, a pre-owned luxury car dealership,  launched its own dedicated service centre which will exclusively to all the servicing and maintenance needs of pre-owned high-end cars.

Dubbed the ‘Workshop’, the service centre will handle all of their customers’ after-sales car-care needs from scheduled maintenance and repairs to custom paint jobs and the fitting of body kits.

Located in Gurugram, the 7,000 square foot facility is equipped to service various makes of top-end luxury and sports cars under one roof. In a first for the pre-owned luxury car segment, the service centre will also provide door-to-door vehicle service for customers.

Customers can sign up to an annual maintenance contract with the Workshop, and be assured of unparalleled attention to detail and the highest standard of service. The Workshop has the capacity to service over 20 cars per day.

The Workshop will offer the following services:

 •          State of art paint booth

•           Car detailing & wrapping

•           Under bode treatment

•           Scheduled maintenance

•           Brake Service & repair

•           Engine & Transmission

•           Batteries & charging system

•           Vehicle diagnostic system

•           Body Kits

•           Complete engine overhauling

•           Door step car servicing in Delhi NCR

•           Door step car detailing services



Founder and Managing Director Siddharth Chaturvedi said, “When we started Boys and Machines we wanted to create a brand that was more than just a pre-owned car dealership - we wanted to create a service proposition. When you invest in a luxury car, even if it’s pre-owned, you invest in an experience, and the opening of the Workshop is an extension of this philosophy. Spread over 7,000 square feet, this facility is designed to meet all the after-sales needs of our customers and give their cars the care they deserve.” (MT)

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