By MT Bureau| Jan 22, 2021

Brakes India Launches High-Performance Power Steering Fluid

Brakes India launched Ezsteer, a high-performance power steering fluid, for the passenger car, multi-utility vehicles and commercial vehicles.

The Ezsteer provides enhanced frictional characteristics and longer drain period intervals up to 1,60,000 kms and meets the performance standard of GM TASA specification, said the company.

The company makes Ezsteer available in sizes of 500 ml and 1000 ml. The company said the product will be sold through its nationwide network of distributors and dealers across the country. Based on the needs of the market, more ranges and variants will be introduced as needed, added Brakes India.

The performance benefits of this non-synthetic fluid also include smooth engagement and disengagement of clutch, high wear resistant at extreme temperature and pressure conditions, high oxidation stability, corrosion resistance and antifoaming property and excellent seal compatibility.

“Brakes India is an established player in the brake fluid and coolants space. Given the need to enhance overall vehicle performance and safety for end consumers in this competitive market, it is imperative to expand our product range. This entry into power steering fluid strengthens our existing portfolio and reinforces our commitment to safety and changing consumer requirements, said S. Sujit Nayak, Vice President – Aftermarket, Brakes India.

Currently, Brakes India’s line up of fluids include DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4+, Vericool, Aquacool, Ezcool and Ezclean (brake cleaner), sold under the brand of TVS Girling. Now with the launch of Ezsteer, all fluids under the house of TVS Girling have been given a new name and new look under the brand of TVS Sprinter. With the name Sprinter symbolising fluid flow and agility, which play a crucial role in the performance of a vehicle, this brand change gives the TVS Sprinter range of fluids a distinct identity and product positioning, to aid further penetration into the market.  (MT)


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