By TT News| Oct 13, 2021

Bridgestone Battlecross X31 Motocross Tyre To Launch In 2022

Bridgestone, a leading global tyre manufacturer, is set to launch the Battlecross X31 motocross tyres in six sizes for rally motorcycles in 2022.

Developed using the latest Bridgestone technologies, the tyre provides better speed, traction and grip. Additionally, the new tyre also boasts increased stability and working range.

Bridgestone’s Castle Block Technology, by acting on the shoulder blocks of the front and rear tyres (through a convex section in the block), enhances the traction power on both tyres. Owing to its wide usage off-the-road, the technology also increases contact pressure and gives a secure contact feel on changing surfaces with higher cornering grip and traction.

The Battlecross X31, now boasting a new pattern design and a redefined bunker groove size, offers optimal stability on all terrains. To ensure cooling, a fin on the sidewall creates air turbulence, leading to slower degradation of the tyre.

The Battlecross X31 model will be available in six sizes and is expected to hit the shelves in Q1 2022.

Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle, Bridgestone, EMIA, said, “We wanted to give our motocross customers increased speed and control on a variety of difficult terrains. The result is the Bridgestone Battlecross X31, a tyre applying the latest technologies that have been engineered for riders looking for versatility and consistency in performance. The tyre will truly enable you to step up your game.” (TT)

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