By TT News| Jan 15, 2021

Bridgestone India launches commercial tyre in India

The new tyre provides 15% extra tyre mileage and gives extra fuel efficiency

To strengthen its position in the commercial vehicle tyre segment, Bridgestone India launched the V-STEEL Mix M721, a new generation drive position tyre, for the general cargo, long haul and highway application.

With this, Bridgestone India aims to establish a strong positioning in the drive axle tyre category through V-STEEL Mix M721.

This tyre addresses issues of tyre mileage, fuel mileage and cut-chip resistance, thereby increasing tyre life and better retreadability.

The Japanese tyre company claims the -STEEL Mix M721 provides 15% extra tyre mileage and gives extra fuel efficiency.

“Our global mission is serving society with superior quality, and our constant endeavour is to provide world-class products and solutions to our customers. The commercial vehicle segment is focussed on optimising total cost of operations to achieve higher profitability. The V-STEEL Mix M721 is targeted towards the general cargo segment, which is the largest portion of the commercial vehicle segment and delivers 15% EXTRA tyre mileage and subsequent reduction in cost per kilometre for the fleet operators.” said Parag Satpute, Managing Director, Bridgestone India.

The combination of Low Rolling Resistance Compound, deeper tread depth and tie bar makes V-STEEL Mix M721 a unique offering which provides EXTRA tyre mileage and even wear.

“Our vehicles operate in the regions from North to North-East including the seven sisters’ states. The timely and proper delivery of goods highly depends on the quality of tyres. In the past, we have faced several issues related to tyre failure which often lead to downtime of the vehicle. Ever since associating with Bridgestone, and using the V- STEEL Mix M721 tyre, it has solved all such major issues, adding to higher tyre mileage and operational efficiency.” said Malkeet Singh, Managing Director, Brahmaputra Cargo Carriers Pvt. Ltd.

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