Bridgestone MasterCore
By MT Bureau| Aug 10, 2020

Bridgestone Launches MasterCore OTR Tyres

To support the dynamic mine operations that vary by customer, mine site and haul route, Bridgestone Corporation has introduced MasterCore off-the-road (OTR) tyre line.

Engineered for ultra-high durability with performance that can be customised to various the MasterCore product line will be initially with 63-inch tyres with additional patterns and sizes. It will be available to customers in 2021.

The tyre is engineered for ultra-high durability, based on a combination of unique technologies that include a new type of steel cord and other advanced materials, structure and process engineering.

An industry first, the new tyres are engineered with steel cord that features Metal Surface Coating Technology for improved adhesion between the rubber and steel cord, delivering better durability. The tyres utilize proprietary anti-rust steel cord developed and manufactured by Bridgestone for added moisture resistance that improves durability.

Designed with new rubber compounds for improved crack propagation, these tyres have an enhanced casing for more dependable performance. The new patterns and features reduce tyre operating temperature for better performance.

"After many years of global product development that produced advances in engineering, chemistry and material science, we are excited to introduce the MasterCore brand to mining customers all over the world," said Tomohiro Kusano, Vice President and Senior Officer, Responsible for G-MAA (Mining, Aircraft, Agriculture) Solutions Business, Bridgestone Corporation. "Each mine site is unique and requires a custom tyre solution that enables operators to improve efficiency. Our MasterCore offering sets a new standard for off-the-road tyre performance as we strive to achieve Dan-Totsu - our vision to be a clear and absolute industry leader."

MasterCore tyres can be optimized for a number of performance attributes including faster speeds, increased payload and maximized uptime. Bridgestone began testing these tyres with select customers last year and performance has exceeded customer expectations. (MT)

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