By TT News| Sep 17, 2021

Bridgestone Partners With CII Institute To Launch Programmes Aimed At Truck Drivers

Bridgestone India has launched the Road Transport & Logistics Excellence initiative to appreciate the role of drivers on the occasion of International Driver's Day.

A professional driver's platform, driver's guild, will be established to expand developmental initiatives through association with various regional players in the transport sector. The company will create programmes related to research to address the image of professionals in the sector, road safety, fuel efficiency, tyre mileage, overall cost optimisation. The initiative aims at training new generation truck drivers be proficient in technology and be able to understand the customer orientation. 

Various driver training institutes to enhance a truck driver's skills and online services related to the regional transport office have been set up by the government and expects the new generation trucks to encourage improvements in the transport sector. There are 22 lakh professional drivers who move goods throughout the country and the recent vehicle scrapping policy will help attract investments around INR 100 billion, which will further generate 35,000 jobs, said the company in a statement. 

Parag Satpute, Managing Director, Bridgestone India, said, "Commercial vehicle drivers play a significant, yet unsung, role in keeping the economy going and are seldom recognised for their efforts. This platform will result in enhancing the motivation of the driver community and at the same time build a safe and sustainable environment for the complete Transport & Logistics eco-system. These drivers are an important stakeholder segment for us and the International Drivers day is apt to recognise their key role in driving the wheels of trade in our country." (TT)

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