By TT News| Sep 14, 2021

Bridgestone Partners With EVBox To Install 3500 EV Charging Ports Across The EU

Bridgestone has partnered with EVBox, an electric vehicle charging solutions provider, and TSG to install up to 3,500 new charging ports across Bridgestone's European retail and service network over the next five years. 

The project will begin in France and Italy. It will expand into the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and other European countries later. The charging network will consist of both fast charging and normal charging ports, which will be placed strategically according to the traffic. EVBox's partner TSG will be in charge of designing, setting up and maintaining the charging infrastructure. 

The move will provide EV owners access to over 130,000 charging ports along with the new 3,500 charging ports planned in the five year plan. The network can be accessed through a dedicated card or a mobile app, facilitated through EVBox's Charging Management Software. The company will also provide the option to purchase and set up an at-home EV charging station kit. 

Bridgestone's annual research had found that 50 percent of the people who did not consider acquiring an EV cited the lack of charging infrastructure as the reason. The EU's 'Fit for 55' package requires member states to expand charging capacity in line with the expected zero-emission car sales. 

Christophe de Valroger, Vice President – Retail Operations, Bridgestone EMIA, said, "Bridgestone is committed to helping drive the electric future into reality, partnering with leading EV manufacturers to develop premium tyres and sustainable technologies that meet the specific requirements of EVs. Also key to those efforts is building a truly EV-ready retail and service network. Through this partnership we will be supporting the much-needed expansion of Europe’s charging infrastructure, and providing EV drivers and fleet operators with the convenience and efficiency they demand. EVBox has been leading the creation of the EV charging industry since 2010; it’s definitely the right partner for us." (TT)

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