By TT News| Apr 20, 2021

Bridgestone To Invest ¥10.2 Billion For Equipment Development At Shimonoseki Plant

Bridgestone will invest ¥10.2 billion to install the latest equipment for certain facilities at the Shimonoseki Plant, which manufactures off-road tyres for mining and construction vehicles.

Installation is set to begin in 2022 and be completed by the end of 2025. This will further enhance the company's production system in terms of safety, disaster preparedness, eco-friendliness, quality, and productivity. This installation will be an important part of strengthening and expanding the mining tyre and solutions business as called for by the Group's Mid-Term Business Plan.

In addition, solar power generation equipment will be installed to increase the portion of the Shimonoseki Plant's electricity generated from renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions. A water purification system will also be introduced to convert industrial water used in tyre production into drinkable water in order to reduce the impacts on the surrounding environment. This will further contribute to the Group's implementation of its Sustainability Business Framework roadmap.  The equipment may be used to supply lifelines to the surrounding community in the event of a natural disaster. (TT)


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