By TT News| Dec 08, 2021

Bridgestone Tyres for Cupra Born

Bridgestone has been chosen as the Original Equipment (OE) supplier of tyres to Born, a 100 percent electric by Cupra, an independent high-performance branch of Spanish carmaker Seat S.A. that was founded in 2018.  

The tyres offer the Born, named after a Barcelona neighbourhood and based on Volkswagen Group MEB platform that also includes the Volkswagen ID.3, the benefit of reduction in rolling resistance of up to 30 percent and weight saving of up to 20 percent.

Using Bridgestone’s Enliten technology, the ultra-rolling resistance tyres offer the Born, which is made at a plant in Zwickau, Germany, along with the ID.3, a range of 548 kms. They also provide the car with good stability in wet weather and on tarmac.

Fitted with B-Seal solution, a sealant technology that helps maintain air pressure even after experiencing a puncture, the tyres were developed with the use of virtual tyre development technology. This led to a cut in raw material consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent.

Helping Bridgestone to achieve a significant reduction in the number of prototype tyres needed for tyre development, the tyres for the Born also helped shrink the time-to-market by 50 percent.

The summer application tyres for the Born have been named Turanza ECO. The winter application tyres have been named Blizzak. Bridgestone also developed Weather Control all-season tyres for the Born. (TT)


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