Bridgestone Tyres For Tata Motors' Electric Buses
By Bhushan Mhapralkar| Sep 23, 2021

Bridgestone Tyres For Tata Motors' Electric Buses

Bridgestone India has been awarded the contract to supply its tubeless tyre for fitment in Tata Motors' electric buses. 

The tyre maker will supply tyres for 150 electric buses that are being manufactured by Tata Motors for Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST).

The tyres – Ecopia R156 – are of the advanced low-rolling resistance variety and offer fuel-saving benefits without compromising safety and durability. The R156 tyres have a special Nano Pro-Tech compound technology that results in lesser heat generation, which results in lower rolling resistance and higher fuel efficiency. Both these factors lead to less fuel consumption and in turn less carbon emission.

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