Cameras to monitor driver behaviour and the vehicle surrounding are in demand as far as commercial vehicles are concerned.
By Bhushan Mhapralkar|Oct 08, 2021

Cameras for CVs

A recent horrific accident on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway was captured on a camera fitted on the top of a petroleum tanker. Though there is no particular rule that mandates the fitting of a camera on a truck carrying hazardous goods in India, it is fleets who have been proactive in fitting two to four cameras on a commercial vehicle to often mitigate or investigate matters that are unique to this market – matters pertaining to the damage of cargo where the fleet owner has no other way of knowing what actually happened other than the driver’s account, which could be biased. Also, if it was the vehicle’s fault, driver error or some other reason for an accident to take place. The other factors pertain to the theft of tyres, theft of cargo, theft of some other equipment like the vehicle’s battery or cash onboard, theft of some key aggregate when parked at an insecure location, bribery and deviation from the route. 

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