By TT News| May 05, 2021

Continental Launches WinterContact TS 870 And TS 870 P Tyres

Continental has developed a successor to the proven WinterContact TS 860 and TS 850 P with the new WinterContact TS 870 and TS 870 P tyres.

Newly designed from the ground up, the new tyres offer excellent wet-weather properties while reducing rolling resistance by two percent and improving mileage by ten percent. The newly developed tread compound called, Cool Chili, with its blend of special resins, ensures better grip and shorter braking distances in the wet. The new compound also offers increased flexibility, improving the contact patch between the road and the tyre.


WinterContact TS 870

The new construction, compound and tread pattern of the TS 870 promise three percent shorter braking distances on ice and five percent better handling on snow as compared to the previous generation. The newly developed 3D interlocking sipes set at the best angle ensure improved grip on snow as the large snow pockets in the tread provides better adhesion between the compacted snow in the tyre and the snow on the road.

Further reduction in braking distance on slippery winter roads is achieved by increasing the number of tread blocks in the contact patch of the TS 870 by 10 percent. The V-shaped tread pattern with a wavy centre groove offers the tyre a distinct look, while the Hydro Grooves and the centre groove allow faster water displacement when driving in the rain.

The WinterContact TS 870 is available for models like the VW up!, VW Golf, Citroen C4, BMW 1 Series and 3 Series. Initially, the new tyre will be available in 19 sizes for 14 to 17-inch rims with aspect ratios from 45 to 65 and in widths from 175 to 225 millimetres.


WinterContact TS 870 P

Suitable for midsize cars and SUVs, the TS 870 P has been designed with drivers who fit wider tyres in mind. To help the large tyre displace water faster, Continental has moved away from the conventional V-shaped tread and instead features a stiffer construction with four large circumferential grooves running between the rows of tread blocks. This innovation results in better handling, shorter braking distances, and adequate protection against aquaplaning.

In comparison to its predecessor, the TS 870 P offers four percent improvement in wet braking and an eight percent improvement in aquaplaning while improving braking performance on ice by five percent and handling performance in dry and snow by six percent.

The WinterContact TS 870 P will be available for rim sizes 16 to 21-inch with aspect ratios from 35 to 65 and in widths from 205 to 255 millimetres for more than 52 passenger cars and SUVs. (TT)

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