By MT Bureau| Oct 14, 2020

Dassault Systemes’s Florence: ‘3DExperience A Catalyst To India’s Recovery’

Dassault Systemes, a France-based software company recently conducted its flagship event, The 3DExperience Forum 2020. It brought together industry experts and leaders from manufacturing, life sciences, and infrastructure sector who shared their experiences with 3DExperience platform and its applications. The theme of the 2020 annual forum was ‘Experience is Human’.

Speaking at the flagship event, Florence Verzelen, Executive Vice President, Industry, Marketing, Global Affairs, Workforce of the Future, Dassault Systemes, said that the company is continuing to focus on investing in India by partnering with industries and start-ups in the country. It is going to partner with universities and create Centre of Excellence (CoE) to promote experience-based learning and develop workforce that meets the industrial requirements that is extremely critical for governments and industries alike.

3DExperience provides a real-time view of business activity and ecosystem. It is a single collaborative environment that empowers businesses and people to innovate in entirely new ways, as a system of operations and as a business model. The latest platform release ‘2021x’, brings cloud benefits to mid-market and Solidworks customers across design and engineering, simulation, manufacturing and production, and governance. The latest iteration of the platform also includes browser-based 3D capabilities across various complementary value streams. The platform comprises of 3D modeling applications, simulation applications, virtual twins of products or production systems, social collaborative applications and information intelligence applications.

Speaking on the contributions for mitigating the current pandemic, Florence said, “We have partnered with the Government of India in supporting a Drug Discovery Hackathon 2020. Our 3DExperience Lab also supported an Indian startup in the rapid development of a safe, affordable ‘smart ventilator’ that could be quickly manufactured and deployed for emergency use. The IPCA Laboratories have been able to ramp up production of hydroxichloroquine thanks to 3DExperience platform.”

Florence spoke about the imperatives affecting the economy and how the 3DExperience platform can be the catalyst and enabler of India’s recovery. Imperatives such as protecting the employees, maintaining financial aids, adopting new avenues of sales and marketing, cleaning and safeguarding the supply chain and helping the impacted ecosystem need immediate attention to stabilise the economic graph amidst the global health crisis.

Technologies like ‘Delmia Quintiq’ (that improves localisation), and ‘Netvibes’ and ‘Exalead’ (financial health of businesses), that are already present on the 3DExperience platform helps enterprises negotiate, incentivise and leverage the payment terms. The cloud solution platforms from Dassault Systemes confirms that it has the capacity to transform a small company’s CAPEX into OPEX.

Florence also mentioned about the additive manufacturing in life science which is useful in medical technology, which includes setting up a prototype or producing a smaller batch of equipment.

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