By MT Bureau| Apr 06, 2021

DEP’s Vehicle Parameterisation Technology Saves Weight to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Detroit Engineered Product’s (DEP) latest multi-disciplinary optimisation technology helps OEM’s increase fuel efficiency while reducing SUVs’ weight.

The technology is split into three phases – Baseline evaluation, Parametrisation and Optimisation. Proprietary CAE software helps create models which are design optimised in DEP MeshWorks. This multi-disciplinary optimisation approach has been well received by OEMs globally as its saves times while producing accurate results. These processes have been deployed in both early-stage vehicle development as well as for optimising existing platforms.

DEP has worked on a transformational approach to the conventional CAE model build and early-stage concept model development. DEP’s CAE model-based Morphing, Merging; Cut & Swap techniques has helped accelerate CAE model development timing and has also helped reduce the product development cycle time.

Commenting on the latest product, Radha Krishnan, Founder & President, Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), said, “DEP’s MeshWorks Morpher driven MDO approach has been successfully extended beyond the full vehicle to various other vehicle subsystems as well. This feature-based morphing approach preserves and carries forward the integration and manufacturing best practices with the flexibility to change the shape and sections. Morphing technology and methods from MeshWorks have realised about 60 per cent time-saving in the pre-production design stage of vehicle development.” (MT)

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