By MT Bureau| Jan 12, 2022

e-Ashwa Sales Zoom in Oct-Dec Period

e-Ashwa Automotive, one of India's leading two and three-wheeler EV manufacturers, has tripled its sales growth in four months and increased its multi-brand EV dealership stores to 700.

The company sold 3624 units (both two-wheelers and three-wheelers) in the October-December 2021 period, as against the sale of 888 units in the July-September period of the same year. It also began selling EVs under its own brand last year and caters to both the B2B and B2C segments. The company, which achieved a ten-fold increase in dealership growth in December 2021 as compared to the previous year, recorded a ten times’ revenue growth in December 2021 when compared with the revenue for the same one in the previous year. 

Vikas Gupta, Founder and CEO, e-Ashwa Automotive, said, "In the new scenario of Covid pandemic and regular increase in fuel prices, consumers have become environmentally-conscious and are shifting towards electric vehicles. While we reached our first 200 dealership stores in close to two years, it took us just four months for the next 500 stores. We opened the first dealer store in August 2019, 200th store in August 2021 and 700th store in December 2021. This shows the significant demand shift towards our electric vehicles coupled with our established consumer trust, launch of our own EV brand and favourable government schemes towards EV." (MT)

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