By TT News| Oct 07, 2021

Endurica Launches New Material Comparison App

Endurica has launched the 'Companion' app for material selection. The app makes it easy to compare the properties of different materials and make it easier to choose the right material for an user. Installed on a phone or accessed through a PC, all that the user has to do to use the app is to enter two different material properties, specify the deformation (tension, shear, compression) parameters, specify the limits of dynamic loading cycle (maximum and minimum), the mode of control (stress control or strain control) and the temperature. The app quickly provides the user with the material's stress-strain behaviour, crack growth behaviour, sensitivity to crack precursor size, strain life/Haigh diagram and crack orientation.

Will Mars, Founder & President, Endurica, said, "About 40% (please refer to the style sheet and correct accordingly) of product failures can be attributed to poor material selection decisions.  When engineers can easily explore the relationship between material properties and durability, the result is better decisions. Our aim with Companion is to bridge the gaps between materials engineering and product engineering. Our fatigue solvers are now widely used in rubber product engineering, but materials selection has such a huge impact on durability that we see a need to bring these ideas and tools to materials development teams. Getting materials engineers and product engineers using a common, validated framework prevents the unnecessary conflicts and wasted effort that led to poor durability. The material properties and concepts in the Companion App are exactly the same as those used in our product simulation tools, but the user experience in the app is centred around the materials selection decision.” (TT)

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