By TT News| Sep 17, 2021

Enviro Receives ISCC Certification For Recovered Carbon Black

Scandinavian Enviro Systems has received ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certification for carbon black and pyrolysis oil recovered from end-of-life vehicle tyres.

Enviro has become the first company in the world to receive ISCC certification for recovered carbon black. The certification is based on the assessment of the environmental benefit of the oil and carbon black recovered in Enviro’s Åsensbruk plant. 

The ISCC certification of the recovered pyrolysis oil from Enviro’s plant now enables it to be sold in the EU and the UK as a raw material for the production of sustainable fuel. The company claims it is receiving increased interest in recovered pyrolysis oil from the chemical and oil industries.

Similarly, the company reports an increased interest in recovered carbon black from global tyre and automotive industries. Carbon black is a key raw material in tyre production. Recovered carbon black can thus contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment of tyres, and therefore, of vehicles. 

Thomas Sörensson, CEO, Enviro, said, “The certification is a milestone in the company’s development as it means that it will be easier for our customers to achieve their sustainability targets using our oil and carbon black. As a result, the customer benefit and commercial value of our technology and products will become even clearer.” 

Fredrik Olofsson, Sales Manager, Enviro, said, “The automotive and tyre industries are demonstrating a clear commitment to coming as close to zero as possible in terms of negative environmental impact. Recovered carbon black will be one of several important elements in this endeavour.” (TT)


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