By TT News| Nov 02, 2021

ETRMA and EURIC Developing Criteria For ELT-derived Rubber Waste Stream

According to a recent statement, ETRMA and EuRIC are committed to supporting the European Commission in developing a EU-harmonised End of Waste (EoW) criteria.

The rubber supply chain, a key stakeholder, is ready for the next step in the advancement and uptake of the recycling of ELT (end-of-life-tyres)-derived rubber.

This step will secure that trade across European borders happens normally in equal conditions and with equivalent opportunities across borders. Additionally, they also seek to reduce the administrative burdens associated with trading.

Regulations like the Declarations of Performance for construction products or the REACH restriction of chemical substances are only applicable once the material has ceased to be waste. To tackle the same, the EoW criteria will also secure the material’s accountability for safety and quality criteria.

The new criteria will have direct importance in increasing the uptake of the ELT-derived rubber market by manufacturing new rubber products for high-value end-use markets.

ETRMA and EuRIC believe that securing a common starting point for ELT-derived rubber to cease to be waste is essential to foster the circular economy in Europe. They believe this can only be achieved with the European End-Of-Waste criteria. (TT)

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