By MT Bureau| Oct 12, 2021

Exponent Energy To Simplify Energy For EVs

Arun Vinayak, ex-CPO of Ather Energy, has launched ‘Exponent Energy’ to simplify energy for EVs by building a flexible energy stack. This technology enables seamless energy and information flow between the grid and vehicle to unlock a universe of products.

Vinayak is joined by Sanjay Byalal, his colleague at Ather Energy, as a co-founder. The pair plan to launch their first line of products­ – a battery pack (E-Pack) and charging station (E-Pump). Together, the two products can unlock 0 to 100 percent rapid charge within 15 minutes for commercial vehicles with any number of wheels. The technology boasts of delivering performance for up to 3,000 cycles.

The company has promised to deploy the rapid charges across the country starting January 2022.

Arun Vinayak, Co-founder, Exponent Energy, said, “The zero to one shift where EVs drive better than ICE vehicles has happened. However, the one to 100 scale is shackled by how complex and disrupted energyflow is for EVs today – specifically between chargers and batteries, leading to terrible charge times and battery life. The Indian EV space has massive potential (USD 206 billion cumulatively by 2030). But to get there, we need to simplify energy for EVs by solving crucial deep tech problems. A rapid charging solution agnostic of battery capacity, cell chemistry and the number of wheels on a vehicle is the first of many innovations that will unlock exponential scale for everyone.”

Adding to it, Sanjay Byalal, Co-founder, Exponent Energy, said, “In India, commercial vehicles today roughly represent 10 percent of total vehicles sold in the country yet consume 70 percent of on-road Energy. It’s an energy-hungry segment rushing to go electric and needs a dependable, rapid charging network that lets them keep going. To fulfil this demand, we intend to actively collaborate with all industry players and regulatory bodies.” (MT)

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