May 05, 2020

FCA India Launches ‘Touch-free’ Jeep Retail Experience

MT Bureau

In response to continued movement restrictions and social distancing due to Covid19 FCA India today announced the launch of its contactless customer experience. With this the Jeep retail experience is now completely ‘touch-free’ for Indian customers, through its digital module Book My Jeep.’ Prospective customers can now book and own a Jeep without having to physically visit a showroom, and will enjoy the convenience of a test drive and sanitized vehicle delivery at their doorstep.

Commenting on the new retail strategy, Dr Partha Datta – President and Managing Director, FCA India said, “Our commitment is to ensure customers can still continue to access Jeep at their fingertips. To ensure health, safety and convenience, we are making the Jeep retail experience as touch-free as possible. We are already live with ‘Book My Jeep’, which is being dovetailed into a 360-degree digital retail architecture that will deliver an intelligent, easy-to-use and fascinating experience for customers. Prospects will be able to book and own a Jeep, from their screens, without leaving the safety of their homes.”

Customers who wish to book a Jeep digitally via www.bookmyjeep.com, will be guided by automated prompts through three easy steps. Customers will need to submit simple details such as their contact information, geographical location, choice of variant, colour, powertrain and transmission. The system will collate the input and send a summary to the customer for a reconfirmation, after which the customer can proceed to paying the booking amount via credit card, internet banking and the other available online payment options. On submission, FCA’s automated retail architecture will automatically create a unique ID and link the customer’s information to its authorized dealer in that city. A Jeep expert from the Dealership will then contact the customer via a video or voice call and assist the customer in case any clarification or details required.  A test drive, in a fully sanitized vehicle, will be arranged at the customer’s doorstep. The customer can then proceed using the same module to complete the booking process and go for the final payment online. FCA is also offering special benefits for customers who choose to book their Jeep SUV online.

FCA’s new retail module is being improvised to provide a comprehensive digital demonstration of the vehicle in an intuitive way. Before finalizing the purchase, customers will be able to decide majority of their preferences online, of course, other than physically driving the Jeep. The customer can choose to take the physical delivery of the fully sanitized vehicle at their doorstep.

Dr Datta added, “The touch-free retail experience is designed to enhance convenience for customers. Physical distancing has become the new normal and keeping this in mind, our approach is to ensure customers as well as our dealer showroom staff are well protected. While, the digital module will do its job of providing information and collecting necessary customer data, our dealer personnel will continue to personalize the retail experience the human way.” (MT)

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