By TT News| Mar 22, 2021

Goodyear Announces Sustainable Soyabean Oil Procurement Policy

Goodyear Tire & Rubber announced a new sustainable soybean oil procurement policy that reflects the company's commitment to responsible sourcing of raw materials.

The US tyre company’s scientists and engineers – with the support from the United Soybean Board – developed a tread compound in which soybean oil replaced some or all petroleum-derived oil, discovering that soybean oil helps keep a tyre’s rubber compound pliable in changing temperatures, a key performance achievement to maintaining and enhancing vehicle grip on roadways.

Goodyear Tire’suse of soybean oil in 2020 increased 73% over the usage in 2019, making progress toward its long-term goal of full petroleum oil replacement in its products by 2040. commitment to

The company believes that, through this policy, it can help guide processors, farmers, and all other members of the supply chain to establish practices and make sound environmental and social decisions related to the growing, harvesting, and processing of soybeans.

Key features around the new policy include human rights, responsible land acquisition and use, eco-friendly oil processing, sustainable soybean growing and harvesting, supplier alignment, stringent policy implementation and compliance.

Maureen Thune, VP and Chief Procurement Officer, said, “Goodyear’s use of soybean oil is growing, and we want our actions to make a difference in the lives of soybean farmers and others in the soybean supply chain. Our new policy will help guide us as we work with processors, farmers, and others to strengthen the sustainability of the global soybean supply chain.” (TT)


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