By TT News| Aug 23, 2021

Goodyear Collaborates With Autonomous Truck Technology Provider Plus

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has announced its collaboration with Plus, a global self-driving truck technology provider, to provide optimised autonomous trucking solutions.

The feedback from Goodyear's connected tyres will be incorporated into Plus's online machine-learning systems to further improve fuel efficiency of autonomous trucks. Plus has already deployed its driver-in autonomous driving system, PlusDrive, to customers and expects to start production of the FAW J7 L3 truck (First Automobile Works) by Q3 2021.

The tyre manufacturer claims that its intelligent tyres can improve the autonomous truck's severe-weather and extreme-road condition performance. Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-founder of Plus, said that the company's collaboration with Goodyear will enable it to use fuel efficiency technologies of both the companies to improve the overall performance of its trucks. 

Chris Helsel, SVP – Global Operations & CTO, Goodyear, said, "Tyres are the only thing on a vehicle that touches the ground and it’s this critical position that can help us enable future mobility solutions like autonomous transportation.With our leadership in products and innovation, Goodyear is supporting efficient fleet operations and is pleased to drive more possibilities for the logistics industry with Plus." (TT)

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