By TT News| Sep 15, 2021

Goodyear Launches Customised Leasing Options For Drive-Over-Reader Scanner Service

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has launched customised leasing options for Goodyear CheckPoint, a drive-over-reader device that automatically inspects and sends tyre pressure and tread depth readings to fleet managers.

The new leasing option is available in the US and Canadian market and will benefit fleet owners of any size. The CheckPoint device is to be installed at the fleet yard entrance. The in-ground device then scans the passing trucks for tyre pressure and tyre wear. The device is useful for inspecting a large fleet of vehicles efficiently and offers a frequently updated data of the fleet's overall tyre health.

The company claims that the CheckPoint device has inspected more than 1.5 million tyres and alerted fleets to 126,000 potentially costly issues. The company also claims that the device helps in saving labour time and effort; a study has found that the device delivered a 90 percent reduction over manual inspections in time taken to inspect fleet tyre depth and pressure. 

Johnny McIntosh, Director, Goodyear Integrated Tire Solutions, said, "Goodyear CheckPoint is designed to help fleets to better maintain their tyres by keeping pressure at optimal levels, which can extend both casing life and tread wear. This can add up to significant cost savings, as improper air pressure causes about 85 percent of tyre failures, which often result in unanticipated and costly roadside breakdowns.” (TT)

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