By MT Bureau| Nov 09, 2021

Greaves Electric Mobility Sells 7,500 Units In October

Greaves Electric Mobility, a leading two- and three-wheeler manufacturer, has reported sales of 7,500 units in October 2021.

The company believes that the sales figures demonstrate the brand's popularity in the market, with the majority of purchases coming from non-metro areas. The recently announced Magnus EX model, according to Greaves, was a big driver in the surge in sales. The electric two-wheeler offered a range of about 121 km on a single charge. The company has also seen a recent surge in dealership enquiries from all over the country.

The company manufactures e-scooters, e-cycles, e-autos, e-loaders and e-rickshaws. It also provides personal and commercial use retrofit accessories for its vehicles. Greaves has employed 12,000 mechanics and has a dedicated on-call support team to meet the demands of EV consumers. Greaves Finance, the company's non-banking financing arm, provides personal financing options for its customers. (MT)



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