By TT News| Jan 27, 2021

Hankook, Revvo Technologies Run Pilot Prog On Junk King's Fleet

Hankook Tire, Revvo Technologies, and Junk King together are running a pilot programme, under which the South Korean's tyre company's SmartFlex tyres with Revvo's tyre technology and advanced data analytics product will provide critical tyre-specific data for 30% of Junk King's vehicles currently operating in California, USA.

Hankook Tire is working on innovative ways to improve TBR products to provide the best performance across mileage, safety, and customers' durability.

SmartFlex is Hankook's TBR line up of Hybrid segment tyres for multi-purposes, designed to deliver high fuel efficiency and powerful traction.

Revvo's advanced tyre sensing platform embeds a proprietary sensor inside each tyre in a vehicle and captures real-time tyre data. That data is processed and turned into actionable insights, including predicted tread life, abnormal tyre behaviour, optimal tyre maintenance intervals and settings, and real-time alerts.

"Ensuring our trucks stay in pristine shape is critical for our operations. It is the key to us providing the top-notch customer service we promise each and every one of our customers," said Michael Andreacchi, CEO and co-founder of Junk King. "We're excited to be at the forefront of this intelligent tire pilot programme and having access to the tire data for our trucks is going to help us continue to standout in the junk removal industry."

Revvo's CEO Sunjay Dodani says "Helping keep operators safe on the road is one of our main goals.  We are excited to partner with Hankook to give a fleet like Junk King the visibility into their tyres' usage. Seeing it helps prevent major incidents gives us confidence in our shared vision of smart, connected tyres for every vehicle on the road."

"At Hankook, we understand the need to combine great products with advancing technology to provide real-time solutions for our dealers and fleets, such as improved safety and reduction of downtime to increase fleet productivity," adds Rob Williams, VP of Truck and Bus Radial Sales at Hankook Tire USA. "As we continue to advance our product innovation & technology, this is the next logical step to provide real-time data to fleets, which will be accomplished by working closely with our dealer network as these digital solutions continue to evolve."

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