By TT News| Nov 26, 2020

Hankook Tire expands OE tyre portfolio

Hankook Tire ha added one more OE client as it will supply tyres to  Fiat.

The company will supply Kinergy Eco tyres to Fiat 500 and Panda, which are the first FCA city cars fitted with the new gasoline Mild Hybrid technology and they are the first step towards the electrification of the Fiat brand.

Both models; the Fiat 500 and the Fiat Panda, will be equipped with Hankook’s Kinergy Eco2 in 175/65R14T size.

The Italian carmaker has developed a new gasoline 'Mild-Hybrid' technology that improves fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions on average by 20-30%.

The tyre adapts a newly developed compound with optimized cross-linking density combined with high loading fillers and functionalized polymer, resulting in a much more enhanced wet and wear performance over the previous model.

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