By TT News| Aug 31, 2021

Hankook Tire Launches Footwear Made Of Upcycled Tyres

Hankook Tire has collaborated with YASE, a leather shoe brand, to launch eco-friendly shoes made of recycled tyres, displaying the tyre maker’s commitment to sustainability.

The project ZERO – LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND aims to create a cross-industry collaboration by using the common raw material – rubber – to form a sustainable product through the upcycling of old tyres. Hankook chose footwear as the collaboration item reminding that both tyres and shoes share common traits of playing a crucial role in mobility and touching the ground daily. 

The initiative also ensures that the packaging stuff, such as shoeboxes, tags and pamphlets, are made of 100 percent sugarcane material, adding to the environment-conscious efforts. 

Jimmy Kwon, Vice President of Hankook Tire’s Brand Lab, said, “We are happy to announce the collaboration which leads to mutually inspired progressive innovation for both companies. It’s thrilling that we can help customers choose footwear that will contribute to making the world a greener place. It’s also great to see our tyres that have reached the end of their lives turning into outsoles of footwear to take people to where they want with much comfort like they did on vehicles. Shoes made of our old tyres will not only make a positive social impact but also will be hard-wearing and robust as our tyres are developed with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies.”

The collaboration will unveil four dress shoes, which includes Chelsea boots, square toe Chelsea boots, Derby shoes and square toe Derby shoes, and one comfort insole. Additionally, running shoes will become part of the lineup in October. (TT)



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