By TT News| Sep 23, 2020

Hankook Tire, SK planet to jointly develop road risk detection solution

Hankook Tire and SK Planet, a leading Data & Test company, will  jointly develop a solution that preemptively detects potential hazardous risks on the road.

The solution, which is expected to be adapted to road control and contribute to road traffic safety in the winter, analyses road noise acquired from a moving vehicle through artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to identify potential risk factors on the road such as rainfall, snow, black ice, accidents, and other factors that may contribute to hazardous situations. This information is then transferred in real-time to various public departments related to road safety and maintenance for a response such as removing excess snow or repairing potholes.

SK Planet holds a patent for sound processing and deep-learning technology that is an integral part of this solution.

In order for the solution to function effectively, it is necessary for the AI to learn as much noise data as possible by driving in different road conditions. In the process, Hankook will provide diverse noise data to SK Planet and contribute to improving the accuracy of the technology by collecting data from its test driving tracks such as Geumsan, Korea, and Ivalo, Finland.

Sooil Lee, President and COO of Hankook Tire & Technology, said, “Safety is Hankook Tire’s top priority, thus our partnership with SK Planet to build a solution that contributes to safe driving is at the core of our corporate purpose. Aligned with Hankook Tire’s commitment to digital transformation, this partnership will also further advance the automotive industry.”

Hankook has been leading digital innovation in the automotive industry, obtaining visible results in technology-based innovation. In addition to this joint project with SK Planet, the company been working closely with KAIST on future technologies and industry-academic cooperation. The two parties are focusing on securing innovative R&D and digital technology capabilities through digital transformation.


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