By TT News| Jan 12, 2022

Hankook Tire To Provide 600 L Of Formic Acid To Indonesian Rubber Farmers


Hankook Tire has announced that it will provide 6,000 litres of formic acid, an eco-friendly coagulant required for natural rubber production, to more than 100 rubber farmers in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Natural rubber production begins with a small rubber lump, created through coagulation of natural rubber latex collected by the farmers. As some types of coagulants affect the safety of farmers and the ecosystem, Hankook has taken the initiative to provide formic acid that causes less damage to trees and lowers the risk of water pollution, unlike other coagulants that can be a threat to wetland biodiversity.

This is done in line with Hankook’s efforts for sustainability as a member of Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), an international membership-driven platform set up to define sustainability for the natural rubber value chain.
Sooil Lee, President and CEO of Hankook Tire & Technology, said, “Supporting sustainable materials for a small but significant part of the natural rubber supply chain is only the start. Throughout the 80 years of Hankook’s existence, I believe we have always operated with the mindset of contributing towards a better world. Keeping the topic of sustainability in the deepest parts of our business, we’ll continue to incorporate environment-caring initiatives in all our business.” (TT)

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