By TT News| Sep 24, 2021

Hankook Tire Updates Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy In Accordance With GPSNR

Hankook Tire has updated its sustainable natural rubber policy in alignment with the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) policy framework.

Through Hankook’s rubber policy, which was set up in 2018, each party of the natural rubber value chain, including producers, processors, traders and manufacturers are obliged not only to comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate but also to fulfil Hankook Tire’s requirements updated in compliance with the new GPSNR policy.

The GPSNR policy covers diverse fields such as human rights, environmental protection and management transparency.

Hankook aims to help improve smallholders’ living standards, upgrade the quality of natural rubber and minimise environmental impact through the policy. The company will also actively support partners to implement the policy through incentives, training and purchasing monitoring.

Sooil Lee, President and CEO of Hankook Tire and Technology, said, “Sustainability is an agenda that we cannot compromise, and value chains are an integral part of the sustainability management plan today. We know that for the future to be sustainable, we must reframe the way we operate and do our business with all the stakeholders involved. As a member of the GPSNR, we are committed to legal compliance, community livelihoods, healthy, functioning ecosystems, and respecting all human rights in natural rubber procurement and production. Together with our supply chain partners, we will help improve the quality of life of the natural rubber cultivators, upgrade the quality of natural rubber and minimise environmental impact.’’ (TT)

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