By MT Bureau| Apr 27, 2021

Hero Lectro WINN Aims To Win The Last Mile Logistics Race

Hero Lectro today announced the launch of its first purpose-built cargo vehicle, the Hero Lectro WINN. This light-weight e-cycle with specially crafted storage and payload capacity is aimed at e-commerce companies and claims to address the issue of last mile logistics in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Hero Lectro is the e-cycle brand of Hero Cycles and already has a portfolio of nine variants including vehicles with and without gears. The Lectro WINN is prepared for short distance, high-density delivery trips and offers low cost per litre of goods storage space.

The cargo e-cycle features 180 litres of storage space – with a front rack and rear long tail carrier – and a top speed of 25 km/hour, which makes it ideal for delivery agents toiling to and fro on busy roads. It also comes equipped with a pedal assist feature to beat motor power deficiency in dire situations.


The bike is priced at Rs 40,000 and Hero Lectro is also in talks with leasing companies to make it the preferred choice for delivery agents.

Aditya Munjal, Director, Hero Cycles and CEO, Hero Lectro, said, “With e commerce witnessing a surge in India in recent times, the delivery density for the last mile has increased significantly. However, the absence of purpose built vehicles for this segment is acting as a major hurdle for cost and resource optimisation. Motorcycles which form the bulk of last mile delivery vehicles currently, have limited volumetric space and payload capacity which in turn increases running costs for delivery providers. By overcoming these constraints, Hero Lectro WINN E Cycle holds huge potential for enhancing incomes and unlocking profitability by increasing per day shipment capacity and achieving cost optimisation which comes from enhanced productivity offered by our solution.” (MT)

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