By TT News| Aug 18, 2021

Hikvision Assures Maximum Efficiency With Its Smart Dock Management

Hikvision has highlighted a few features of its Smart Dock Management that could help busy logistics sites to maximise throughput and efficiency.

One of the issues faced in docks is the efficient management of dock space, which leads to causing delays and possibly slowing down other vehicles trying to reach their allocated docks. The lack of receiving real-time information can lead to delayed decision making for dock managers.

To address the challenges of ineffective and manual dock management, Hikvision has built Smart Dock Management features into its logistics solution portfolio. It has features such as dock occupation detection, parking optimisation, monitoring of truck loading and unloading, security checks, automation of inbound and outbound processes and efficient dock management with a digital dashboard interface.

Hikvision’s logistics solution claims increased operational performance and efficiency, end-to-end goods monitoring and security, and an excellent experience for dock managers and drivers. (TT)


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