By MT Bureau| Dec 03, 2021

Honda Battery Sharing Service Subsidiary In India

Honda has established Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited, a wholly owned battery sharing service subsidiary in India with a capital investment of INR 1.35 billion.

Supporting the penetration and adoption of EVs by offering a battery sharing service to the small mobility sector, the new company will help address the challenge of range, long charging time and high cost of batteries faced by electric vehicle owners.

Honda’s battery sharing service will initially start with electric auto-rickshaws (e-autos) in Bengaluru, Karnataka, from the first half of 2022. It will then expand to other parts of the country in a phased manner.

Subscribers to Honda’s battery sharing service will swap their empty ‘Honda Mobile Power Pack e’ with a fully charged one at their nearest battery swapping station.

Apart from offering a battery sharing service, Honda Power Pack Energy India will work closely with OEMs to integrate the ‘Honda Mobile Power Pack e’ battery into their vehicles. This will help it to reach more and more drivers and users.

Honda’s battery pack will be manufactured in India with the company’s efforts to use renewable energy. (MT)

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