By MT Bureau| Jul 30, 2020

Horiba Launches New Virtual Solution To Support RDE

To support development of emissions under real driving conditions (RDE) Horiba today launched globally a new virtual solution that could result in companies saving up to 15 million Euros on vehicle requirements prototype.

The launch comes at a crucial time for the global automotive sector, which seeks to face the technological challenge of the future and recover from the impact of COVID-19. With increasing pressure, the report estimates that RDE requirements have tripled test times.

The virtual solution - RDE + is a ‘road to rig’ solution that brings the real world to the laboratory and which, combined with virtual simulation and validation, allows the users to complete RDE development faster and accurate compared to the past. The launch coincides with a new book ‘White’ commissioned by the company, revealing the growing business case for virtualisation of the development of the RDE of the engines.

According to the study, conducted by Frost & Sullivan, virtualisation of RDE tests could help manufacturers of original equipment for the automotive industry reduce the requirements of prototype vehicles by up to 75 percent by replacing road tests with more development. These add to the huge potential savings from curbing test and development times.

Steve Whelan, HORIBA's Global Development and Application Center Leader, said, “Manufacturers are trying to juggle on multiple fronts: reducing emissions, electrification and future mobility, all while safeguarding competitiveness. We have developed RDE + to offer a more effective and economic approach to developing RDE. Not to mention the expected cost savings, potentially millions, thanks to the reduction in development times. The transition to a more agile approach is inevitable in order to meet future demand for vehicles. Virtual validation will play a major role in this, making it possible to develop products in less time and in a better way, in substance doing more with less.”(MT)

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