By MT Bureau| Jul 17, 2020

ICAT Develops Portal To Support Automotive Industry

As part of its mission to promote innovation, R&D and product development in India for various sectors the Department of Heavy Industries has set itself on a mission to create technology platform e-portals.

To support the Indian automotive industry the International Centre of Automotive Technology (ICAT) has developed a technology platform called ASPIRE - Automotive Solutions Portal for Industry, Research and Education. According to a release from ICAT, the portal ASPIRE will facilitate the Indian automotive industry to become self-reliant by assisting in innovation and adoption of global technological advancements by bringing together the stakeholders from various associated avenues. The activities include research and development, product technology development, technological innovations, technical and quality problem resolution for the industry. In addition it will support manufacturing and process technology development, hosting challenges for technology development and also conducting market research and technology surveys for identifying the trends in the Indian auto industry.

The e-portal will act as a one stop solution providing a technology platform which will help to bring together the various stakeholders from the Indian auto industry, providing the necessary impetus for ushering the industry into future with combined efforts. This includes bringing together the automotive OEMs, Tier-1 Tier-2 & Tier-3 companies, R&D institutions and academia (colleges and Universities) on matters involving technology advancements.

Apart from acting as a solution and resource platform, the portal will also host grand challenges in line with the need of the industry as will be identified from time to time, for development of key automotive technologies.

The ASPIRE portal has been prepared by ICAT and made live in its initial version on 15th July, 2020 as Phase-I. The first phase will include connecting the users and experts on the portal for functionality assessment. Phase II of the portal which is expected by August 15, 2020 will include the posting of domain specific challenges, team formation and finalising the milestones for the execution of projects for the said challenges and industry problems. The portal is expected to be fully functional with hosting of the grand challenges and providing an elaborate resource database and project monitoring and execution by 15th September, 2020. (MT)

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