The G-Python from Guru Ram Dass (GRD) Body Builders carries the ethos of European coaches.
By Bhushan Mhapralkar|Oct 08, 2021

Innovative G-Python

Innovation is a broad-based term in its description. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as a new idea, or a method or a device. It also defines it as a novelty – as an introduction of something new. So, when Mayank Kukreja, CEO, Guru Ram Dass Body Builders, used the word innovation in his comment for the new G-Python coach body design, it made for an interesting start. Of the opinion that his company’s motto ‘Innovation is Travelling with Us’ should provide a good insight into a penchant for innovation and technology, Kukreja mentioned that they were inspired by a python for this new coach body design. The mention of the word ‘Python’ reminds of a large snake that kills its preys by squeezing it hard. The other, its namesake, is a high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Both are quite dramatic in their form and function, so should be the G-Python. At least it suggests so from the look of it – and the specifications too. Kukreja expressed, “The G-Python is a limited run edition luxury coach design based on a multi-axle Mercedes-Benz OC 500 RF 2542 DD. It is 15m long.”

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