By TT News| Nov 23, 2021

KAMA Tyres Wins Tender To Supply Tyres To PAZ Buses

GAZ Group has completed the testing of tyres produced by KAMA Tyres and has awarded the company with the tender to supply tyres to its PAZ buses. The buses will come equipped with KAMA NF 202 tyre at the front and NR 201 tyre at the rear in 285/70 R19.5 sizes.

KAMA NF 202 tyre is specifically designed for the front (steering) axle, while the NR 201 tyre is designed for driving (rear) axle application. The NF 202, through its four longitudinally serrated grooves and wave-like sipe section on the tread surface, offers excellent grip and traction in wet and dry conditions along with low rolling resistance. The sipe section in the shoulder area of the tread divides the zones into separate blocks and leads to an even distribution of load, which helps increase the load-carrying capacity.

On the other hand, the KAMA NR 201 tread design consists of small blocks with a massive middle section and two shoulder zones to ensure a good grip on wet and dry surfaces. The body and belt of the NR 201 feature an all-metal construction leading to high strength and low rolling resistance, which helps with fuel-saving. (TT)

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